Top Listens

#1–Inspired Teacher, Jennifer Boodt

You’ve got to get to know Jennifer Boodt for her passion and her fire. Jen cares deeply about ALL students in the school hall. As the faculty supervisor for Mental Health Foundation’s BE NICE to the LGBTQ+ group, her care isn’t just talk. She acts on her love for students. Be sure to listen to this powerful episode and become your own version of Mrs. Boodt.

#2–Setting It Up with Elise

Listen to the co-founders’ vision of starting The Share Chair Podcast.

#3–A Circular Career, Cavin Mohrhardt

What a life this man has had: from growing up in small-town Spring Lake, to starring on his collegiate basketball team, to flying helicopters in the Marines, to an administrative position back in his hometown. A lot of people make assumptions about this athletic director, but it’s always best to hear about Cavin’s life from–well–Cavin.

#4–Exchange Student, Gonzo Llinares

What a privilege to speak to Gonzo–a Spanish exchange student. In this week’s episode we hear the value of travel and the value of saying “Yes” to opportunities.

#5–Spring Lake High School Visits Muskegon High School

Last week, after Muskegon High School decided to join the Elevate Empathy movement, we decided to swap four students for a school day to literally “walk in others’ shoes”. These are the incites of the Spring Lake students who spent a day at Muskegon High School. The Muskegon episode will be coming in the near future.

#6–Muskegon High School Visits Spring Lake High School

Not too long ago, Muskegon High School decided to join Spring Lake in Elevating Empathy. Four Muskegon students went to Spring Lake High School for a day, while four Spring Lake students attended Muskegon High School, as a way to walk in someone else’s shoes. Listen to the four students from Muskegon High School reflect on their experience and share their perspective.

#7–A View of Winning and Senior Year, Gavin Alban

Gavin Alban sits in on The Share Chair to discuss his team’s first win this season–after getting no wins all last season. But that’s not all. Gavin has just started his senior year and discusses all the excitement (and some concern) that goes along with it.

#8–Dad is Running for Office, Mia Davidson

This week, Mia describes her unique position: the daughter of a man who is running for political office. Of course, it’s exciting. Of course, it’s exhausting.

#9–Supportive Siblings, The Kaurichs: Mitchell and Madison

No. They’re not twins.
Yes. They ARE in the same grade.
Now, let’s move on shall we?

Madison and Mitchell discuss the ways in which a 2nd grade decision bonded them together. Now, they feel the power of their sibling connection in unexpected ways: they push each other, they support each other, they want the best for each other.


#10–Lance Klemple, Gender Transitioning

In our 100th episode, we get to practice empathy by listening to Lance’s story. Lance is transitioning from female to male and his 18th birthday felt like a new life and a new opportunity.


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