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This week marks the final week of Zoe Komar’s work as student producer of The Share Chair Podcast. Zoe started as a 9th grader by doing some basic marketing and giving her artistic abilities by creating a new logo–the logo we still use today. Since then, Zoe has been entrusted to schedule all interviews, coordinate calendars, edit interviews, publish episodes–all of it. 

Zoe will be dearly missed! Though we will publish one final episode on May 17 where Zoe interviews 8th graders about becoming a high schooler, I wanted to give Zoe the opportunity to re-share her personal favorite episodes of the season. Here’s what she’s got for you. 

Thank you endlessly, Zoe!

Over the course of the 2020-2021 school year the podcast has produced 31 episodes, each episode highlighting the story of an individual person. Each person has an important story to tell. Here are three episodes that I think everyone must tune in. Often we get overwhelmed with work, school, and life. Give yourself a reminder to slow down by listening to one of these episodes. 

  • A young girl who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. Tegan Rose tells her story about battling leukemia. By listening to her story you can hear how her battle has shaped her, and given her a voice to tell her story. She now is an amazing swimmer and all star softball player. To know her–and her kindness–is a pleasure. 
  • Grand Haven High School student, Josh Hodges, has one of the biggest hearts you’ll come across. The young man explains his home situations and how it is very unique, but he is grateful for it despite the challenges. By learning from listening you will further your understanding of those who have constant compassion and kindness to give. 
  • A battler–student Matthew Uthe pours his heart out into his story of battling epilepsy and autism daily. Growing up, Matthew battled with seizures every five seconds and spent most of his time in the hospital. He talks about how his challenges affect him today, but overall he has progressed. Defined, “battler” means a person who refuses to admit defeat in the face of difficulty. And, that is Matthew Uthe. 
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