Thank you for considering being part of The Share Chair Podcast. We have a simple goal: tell others’ stories. Why? As Atticus Finch said in To Kill a Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person until you walk around in his shoes.” As humans, we are more connected than we realize. We just need to hear others’ stories to realize it.

We’re looking for schools to submit as few or as many episodes as they feel comfortable producing. Maybe you start with a commitment to only produce one a year. Perhaps you have a media class which could do one a month for the entire school year. Every story benefits our mission.

Here’s what we need each episode to make it convenient for us to publish:


Be sure to have permission for publication found here. Then, scan and email the permission slip to


Take 30-40 minutes to capture the interview. Use an iPad with microphones. Use a phone if you have to. Have something more professional? Use it. The goal is this: get the story and make sure we can hear it clearly. That’s all.

Don’t have a direction with your questions? Try this to get you going: We all have stories and all stories are important. What’s yours? Focus in on one detail and try to really understand it. Maybe the focus is on being the star volleyball player. Maybe it’s on the impact of a recent parent divorce. All stories are valid and all stories allow us opportunities for empathy. Find the one story and then get deep into it.

We commonly end with this question: If you had one piece of advice to give the listeners, what would it be? It’s a great way to capture the student’s overall understanding of what just transpired in the interview.


Get the interview down to a 10-12 minute, cleanly edited MP3/WAV/FLAC file of the discussion. (We CANNOT use copyrighted songs as intro, so feel free to use our own songs or ask a band in your school to create one for you to use. Files found here. Need help? See the video.)

Would you rather leave your editing to us? No problem. Just send your full interview to and we’ll take it from there.

Prepare the Publication

We need a picture of that person you are interviewing sent as a JPEG and a 50-100 word description of the interview with the purpose of compelling people to listen.

Want to leave the description to us? No problem.

Email Us

Email the following items to

  • the edited audio file (full interview is fine)
  • the JPEG photo
  • the interview description

Spread the Word

Once published, we need you to spread the word. Share it from your personal social media account and even to your school’s learning management system so it gets in the hands of every student at your school. Spread the word so others will join.

It might be smart to listen to the last episode or two to get a glimpse of how we do it, but bring your ideas, too. It’s not authentic if it doesn’t have your hand print all over it.

Likely there is more you’d like to know. Just email us:

Thanks for joining us,

The Share Chair Podcast


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