Olivia Twa: Response to 189, Mandy

I loved listening to this podcast, not only for the lesson it gave, but to hear from one of our friends from The Netherlands. Right from the beginning, I was hooked listening to Mandy’s story. She explained that she was bullied from the ages of 8 and throughout the course of her childhood because of circumstances out of her control. She mentioned that kids at her school would purposefully wait for her after class and push her off her bike and beat her up because she was the “small mouse in the corner”, or the “weakest” kid. After years of being bullied, Mandy decided it was time for her to try therapy to deal with the trauma she faced.

Although her journey was undeniably tough and troublesome, Mandy came out of being bullied more confident than ever. She is now student council president at her college and is seeing new power within herself every day. I thought the advice that Mandy gave at the end of the podcast sums up exactly what everyone needs to hear: “If you think you can do something, do it, and don’t pay attention to what everyone else does.” I thought this quote from Mandy was incredibly insightful because it made me realize that the act of bullying says more about the bully than it does the victim. Thank you for sharing your story, Mandy!

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