Lydia Miller: Response to 187

What a unique opportunity to explore a less well-known path of learning through the eyes of someone with so much passion for their craft. I, like the stereotype that Hopper mentioned, thought that an education at the Tech Center meant foregoing a college education. After listening, I can say that these hands-on, career-focused classes
seem like a no-brainer when trying to discover your specific passions. Who wouldn’t want to start their future with direct experience in their area of interest!

I was also baffled by Hopper’s bravery in presenting a case before the school board! I had to ask myself whether or not at his age I would have had the same confidence in negotiating a suspension with people of such authority (I’ll tell you I would not have). This once again illustrates the unique way that Hopper’s passions have shaped his high
school career. I must say, I wish I had the same grasp on what it is I want to do with my life so early on in my education.

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