Reba Koratich: Response to 185

In this podcast, I learned that it is okay to choose not to do something. Early in the podcast, Malachi discussed how he chose to drop out of the IB full diploma program because he did not have enough time for it. This really resonated with me because my life is becoming so busy. Malachi chose to prioritize his health over school, which I think is the right decision, but many times it is a hard decision to make.

At the end of the podcast, Malachi’s advice was, “Be true to yourself.” I think his choice to focus less on school and more on soccer shows him being true to himself. Malachi also shared that he originally planned on going to a smaller, Christian high school. Instead, he chose to attend Spring Lake because it could provide him with more academic and athletic challenges. This reminds me of the importance of having options. I must consider this when I choose what college to attend next year. Malachi’s story reminded me to prioritize health and well-being over school work and to keep my options open.

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