Jack LouAllen: Response to 181

I knew quite a bit about Kyle before listening to this podcast, but listening to it was interesting because it showed me the timeline behind who he is today and what, in his opinion, helped shape him the most. He mentioned that his role in the musical Urinetown helped create his love for musical theater as both an extracurricular and as a career path; I was intrigued to hear that he was able to pinpoint the event that pushed himself in this direction.

Something I learned from listening to Kyle on this podcast is that I need to find my own origin – find the thing that I know I want to do in my life to produce life-long joy. For Kyle, his origin seems to be Urinetown as he described his passion for theater skyrocketed after that show; for me, I’m not sure yet. As a senior, I feel a lot of us are in this boat exploring for what will grab onto us.

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