Clayton Glasgow: Response to 179

As a senior (which it seems crazy that I’m a senior already), it was interesting to take a moment to listen Emma talk about her first day of high school as an incoming freshman. I can remember my first day of high school, and I wish I could have begun my high school career with such poise. As the oldest of three children in my family, I was intrigued to listen to what she had to say as someone who is the youngest of three.

Her response was impressive, as she said that her goal isn’t to be exactly like her older sisters, but to be her own person. This, I think, should be something to live by; we were all created to be different, so we shouldn’t make an effort to be someone else. We shouldn’t tell people they have big shoes to fill, but instead tell them to wear their own shoes. The Share Chair podcast is a great way to take a step back and learn by listening.

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