Karli Baldus, Update, Episodes 58 & 114

I am at Harbor Psychological Associates as a Limited Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor.  I will be a Registered Drama Therapist in the Fall of 2019. As far as I can tell, I will be the only Registered Drama Therapist on the west side of the state.  I love growing and learning about how to help people through the arts and bring that to West Michigan. I feel blessed to continue to receive referrals.

I have a Facebook page Karli Baldus, MA, LLP where I post things I continue to learn and events in the area to help educate people on mental health.  You can find more information about what I do at www.karlibaldus.com.

I was sad I didn’t get enough parents and teens to agree to the 13 Reasons Why group.  I still believe in it.  I watched the show with my thirteen-year-old daughter and found it really beneficial.  I would love to try to have the group if families were open the the experience. Please listen to the podcast if you want to learn more about what the group was all about.

I am sad that the school no longer has the broadcasting opportunities for the students, but love what I do and know this is what I was meant to do.  I hope people will continue to look at how they can help the schools and improve what our children experience daily. I continue to explore the needs in the community and try to come up with ways I can help change things in and out of the schools for the better.

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