Ashleigh Higgs, Student Producer

ashleighElevating empathy is now a goal that I make for myself every day, and that is all thanks to my experience on the Share Chair Podcast. I served on the Share Chair team for my senior year of high school (2016-2017) as the co-host with Mr. Theune. Elise McGannon had lain a beautiful foundation with him prior to my joining, upon which we molded and built more great podcasts and movements to share with the world. For these experiences and lessons that I gained, I am eternally grateful.

I wake up every morning and walk out my front door, but not before reminding myself that every other person I encounter on said day is living their own life, with their own struggles and celebrations individual to them. I put my ego in check before I go into the world by reminding myself that I am not to only person on this planet, and I am not the only one with struggles. This is a habit that spawned from my experience on The Share Chair Podcast. Part of my job was to sit down once a week and listen to someone’s story, then publish it to the world: to be mindful of the fact that this other person, who I may think I know, has their own life and their own daily and habitual struggles that make them who they are. This is only one of the innumerable lessons I learned through my experience on the podcast. Another of which being that you do not have to run an entire podcast to be mindful of these things. There are both large and small daily changes one can make to their routine to elevate empathy. The podcast challenges listeners to take up those changes to, in turn, change the world one day at a time.

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