Zoe Komar, Student Producer

zoekomarMy personal experience with The Share Chair Podcast has had such a large impact on my thinking and thoughts of others. The podcast has brought me to realize how amazing it is that we can all be so unique yet very similar at the same time with the different challenges we face in our lives. Being involved in The Share Chair has been an awesome experience for me and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to reach others and help them when they are really needing it.

One of the biggest struggles facing the podcast is trying to find many different people to tell their stories so that we have a variety of information for people to educate and entertain a variety of audiences.

My biggest joy that has come from the podcast is traveling to Hope College and being able to talk with students who are on track to be first generation college students. This adventure to Hope College allowed me to meet other high school students with different backgrounds, diversity, and struggles that I’ve never even thought one would have to deal.

Overall, being a part of The Share Chair podcast has helped me with so many different things. It has helped me continue growing by understanding kindness, allowed me to understand and show empathy towards others, and has helped me become a better person. I cannot wait for what the future has in store for us within the podcast.  

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