Kate Vinkemulder, Student Producer

My Experience with The Share Chair Podcast
by Kate Vinkemulder, Spring Lake High School, Class of 2019


I have learned some valuable life lessons through my involvement with The Share Chair Podcast. I’m grateful that Mr. David Theune asked me to be the Class of 2019 program lead, and I will forever carry these lessons, learned not from books but by interacting face-to-face with fellow humans, through my entire life:
One should never underestimate the power of peoples’ stories. And everyone has a story or two that has shaped them, from which they learned. Sometimes this learning comes willingly; other times the learning comes from a situation that has been thrust upon the person.
At times, there were individuals whom I knew “had a story to share”, but were not ready to share it yet. That’s okay.
Sometimes students have old souls that surprise me.
Sometimes the best stories are the ones that are unheard. The Share Chair gives people a place to tell these stories.
It is my goal to create a safe, comfortable, nonjudgmental space that allows the interviewee to open up as much — or as little — as they wish.
As an interviewer, I get to hear these stories firsthand. Often the interviews run an hour. It is my challenge and privilege to edit these interviews down to a length that Mr. Theune and I have agreed will encourage engaged listeners.
As a senior, one of the involvements I will miss most upon graduation is The Share Chair. I know that it will continue on, in good hands, and I’m thankful to everyone I’ve interviewed for allowing me to listen to their stories.


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